Monday, August 25, 2008

Summer Fireworks

After the rainy season of May-June, summer weekend evenings are punctuated with beautiful fireworks at riverbanks all around Japan.   It's a popular dating event, with young couples and hopeful singles decked out in cotton yukata (one-layer kimono) and wooden gehta clogs.  Taking picnic foods and beer and big plastic sheets to sit on, people wait for the fireworks to start.  Once, when our kids were in kindergarten/first grade, we spent a few days with friends at a mountain cabin and enjoyed watching fireworks reflected in a beautiful mountain lake.  The reflections doubled the colors and brilliance of the fireworks--talk about getting more bang for the buck.  The mountain setting, the kids in pajamas, the warmth of friendship, created a memory of summer fireworks that for us has not been surpassed.

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