Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It was bad enough the first--and second--time around

...but tonight "ALF" was on Japanese TV again after all these years.  Well, it caused me to look it up and read about the production and the actors and what they're doing today, etc.  Now I know why I never could see anything charming or funny about that show---nobody enjoyed making it in the first place.

Read about it here

Trivia Question:  What does "Alf" stand for?

(Why did I waste my time doing this??)

Bite-sized pancake dessert~~

OK, here's another "find" from the constantly-changing Japanese confectionary market--"Hotcake-flavored White Chocolate"...It helps to remember that "Hot-o-cake-ey" is served in Japan as a dessert/snack rather than a breakfast item.  It tastes exactly like pancakes 'n syrup.

Do you like wasabi (Japanese horseradish)????

Chihuahua Dad found a new product, an unlikely combination of creamy-crispy-candy and WASABI.  Actually, it didn't taste bad...horseradish + white chocolate.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Refreshing Green

What could be more refreshing than a walk through the densely shaded gardens of the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo's Harajuku area?  Even on a hot, humid day, we could relax...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Shame on Us! No posts for more than a year!

Well, it's not as if we can do the typing, and the one who can type has been really busy (and disorganized?) for many months. But we've barked and nagged and cajoled our Momzo and Fearless Leader to start posting once again. After all, it doesn't take much longer than it does to put our kibble in our dishes and she never forgets to do that, so c'mon, Momzo, quit loafin' and start bloggin' again! (Leave the loafin' to us: we're the experts).