Monday, September 8, 2008

While we were snoozing...

The "Urban Monkey" (hey, is that anything like 'urban cowboy'?) was spotted in Kanda but avoided capture. Maybe he rode the Yamanote Line from Shibuya to Kanda.  According to witnesses, he was spotted staring at some bananas at a fruit stand (how did they know he was staring at bananas and not some other items?) but he was shooed away before he could steal any (sort of a prejudicial statement, dontcha think?  Maybe he would have paid for them; we don't know if he carries a coin purse).  The head police officer lamented the fact that the monkey is so agile but "we have only nets" (like, what should they use, hand grenades?! Maybe this is a job for Spiderman.)  The police official further stated that the monkey, driven to the overhanging electric wires, urinated onto the ground below.  (Well, maybe he had been looking for the restroom when they chased him up there.  Besides, public urination is still not a crime here, anyway.)  The police have pledged to capture him alive, until then, you may want to wear a hat around Kanda Station... [Ref. Japan Times, Sept. 8, 2008]

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