Wednesday, September 3, 2008

30 Years Ago...

A couple of times a month, "Chihuahua Mom" meets four lovely Japanese ladies to help them practice speaking English.  They trade stories about their experiences and brush up on certain English idioms, have a bite of lunch, and a good time is had by all. Today's theme was 'encounters with celebrities'.  Chihuahua Mom told about meeting the famous singer, Hiroshi Itsuki, backstage at the Hilton in Las Vegas 30 years ago.  At that time CM didn't even know who he was or how famous he was in Japan.  Little did she know that his son would even be a classmate of her son in first grade in Japan!  The funny thing is, while CM's appearance has changed a lot (to her chagrin), Hiroshi Itsuki looks almost the same today as 30 years ago!  (CM is second from L in the photo).

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